If you have a child in sports, no matter what age, you’ve chipped in for the end of the season gifts for the coaches and kids. There comes a point though, when you say, “Do we really need yet another trophy?” How about a unique way to remember the season? For coaches, we’ve had clients request our 25 ounce Sport Beer Mug and have the team name along with all the player’s names and numbers etched all over the mug. For school sports auctions we’ve provided etched team logo pint glasses and even etched Riedel wine glasses with specific team names and logos.  We’ve even personalized some of our sport logo glasses by etching both sides of the glass–one side with the team logos and the other side with a player’s name and number. It’s totally up to you, but we can help if you’re looking for a unique idea that’s . . . USEFUL! With an etched team logo glass, the coach or player can use it ever day, bringing back the unique memories of the season.


If the team doesn’t have a specific logo, we can help with that too. We’ll work with you to design something eye catching and unique.


So whatever the sport, baseball, softball, volleyball, lacrosse, football, basketball, soccer, tennis or . . . (fill in the blank, because the list could go on and on!), consider National Etching for a one-of-a-kind way to commemorate the season. We’ll work with you to create a memorable gift that will bring a smile to everyone’s face.


Our thanks to Issaquah Lacrosse, who just had a large order of pint glasses done for their fundraiser this year!