It was reported recently in the Seattle Times that the standard pint glass degrades the taste of a good beer: Pair Beer and Glass by the Style of the Brew.

We’re not going to take sides on the issue here at National Etching. To satisfy everyone we have the traditional, stout pint glass, the wide-bodied Riedel beer glass, and even stemless wine glasses. Classic pint glass from National EtchingRiedel beer glass by National Etching Stemless glass by National Etching

One thing we do take a stand on: Your beer tastes much better in an etched glass, regardless of shape, volume, or cost. Send us your artwork and we’ll make sure you have the perfect etched glass to enjoy your brew, whether it’s domestic, import or homebrew.

I, myself, kind of like swigging it straight out of the 1/2-gallon growler etched with my personal logo. Just like beauty, taste is in the eye, er, make that the taste buds of the beholder.