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Eco-friendly packaging at National Etching

We are committed to being earth-friendly in all our processes and as such our shipping materials are recyclable. Our…Read more about our eco-friendly packaging

forest trees
Glass Decorating Methods Comparison

Glass Decorating Methods Comparison: Sandblasting vs Engraving vs Laser vs Printing

Sandblasting This is the premier method for etching glassware. Sandblasting produces a deep, permanent mark, and it allows for…Read more

Examples of glass decorating methods

Growler Giveaway

Kelly the Culinarian, who writes about food and drink on her Chicago-based blog, loves visiting local breweries, but she…Read more

Growlers in the Growler Giveaway

Don’t Forget Mom! National Etching has Creative Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th this year. Don’t get caught in the time crunch and find yourself making… Read more

Need Ideas for Coach Gifts, Team Awards or Auction Items? Etched Glasses are a Slam Dunk!

If you have a child in sports, no matter what age, you’ve chipped in for the end of the…Read more

Additional Etched Glass Dog Breeds Products Ready (Including Martha Stewart’s Favorite)

Hear about Martha Stewart’s Chow Chow, Genghis Khan, winning Best in Breed Monday? Quite the achievement, but with the name…Read more

Products Added for New Breeds Recognized by the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Dog enthusiasts to the couch please.  Grab the TV remote and a small bag of snausages, then settle in…Read more

It’s all about the glass…

It was reported recently in the Seattle Times that the standard pint glass degrades the taste of a good…Read more

Welcome to our new website!

It feels weird to start our first company blog post by launching into all the products and services we…Read more