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What do you do? [+]

From custom etched glass keepsakes to branded gifts and just-for-fun items, National Etching makes it easy to say something special for any occasion. We design and manufacture a wide variety of etched products for retail, wholesale, and private label marketplaces. The National Etching family of brands makes it easy to find just the right product, but if you need a unique image or saying on your glass, wood, or metal item, we offer the highest quality etching in the business, including hand-etching Austria’s fabled Riedel crystal with your logo, monogram, or special message. Your satisfaction is always our top priority.

What’s your story? [+]

Once upon a time there was a guy who complained about his commute to work in the big city. One evening he arrived home to the news that his wife had spontaneously purchased an etching business. Hooray! Fast forward a few years, through a name change, business relocation, new product lines, employees and, well, here we are. National Etching now designs and manufactures a wide variety of etched products for the retail, wholesale, and private label marketplaces. We are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service; your satisfaction is our top priority.

What’s the difference between your brands? [+]

Cheers:30 is our fun and functional brand with humorous G-rated sayings etched on glassware, stainless, and ceramic.
Crass Glass is our more sassy, political, and sometimes NSFW line of products.
Create Your Own is our way of offering you a number of popular product selections where you can provide your own artwork for your own customized piece.
My Art Treasures is similar to Create Your Own but is designed for school auctions and fundraising and for those wishing to capture children’s art in glass or metal.
The Spoon Girl is our line of etched wooden spoons with sweet sayings and the ability to customize for great personal gifts.

What kind of packaging do you use? [+]

We are committed to being earth-friendly in all our processes and as such our shipping materials are recyclable. Our glass is wrapped in paper, not plastic. Up until 2013, we packed all the novelty glassware in peanuts and bubble wrap. After viewing the movie Trashed, narrated by Jeremy Irons, we redesigned our packaging to be recyclable. We now wrap our glassware in paper and pack into cardboard boxes. Our breakage rates are well under 1% with tens of thousands of glassware orders shipped directly to consumers annually. https://youtu.be/WgnOU0hyLTY

What are the different types of glass decoration? [+]


Glass Decorating Methods Comparison: Sandblasting

This is the premier method for etching glassware. Sandblasting produces a deep, permanent mark, and it allows for greater flexibility in design. It produces the best result of all the available methods. Sandblasting is a labor-intensive process. The glasses are first prepped with hand-applied film masks and protective taping. Glasses are blasted with stream of pressurized abrasive in a special cabinet one at a time, then washed and packaged for shipment. At National Etching we use a sandblaster to ensure all our finished glassware is of the highest quality.


Benefits of sandblasting:

  • Etching is permanent and will never wash, chip, or wear off.
  • Etched glass has a more elegant appearance with deep and even cuts.
  • Designs can be extremely intricate.


Limitations of sandblasting:

  • Color is not an option with etching. Etched designs will appear as frosted white on clear and colored glass.
  • In general, etched glassware is more expensive due to the hand labor required.




Glass Decorating Methods Comparison: Engraving

While many people use the terms etching and engraving interchangeably, they actually mean quite different things. Where etching involves use of pressurized air and abrasive, engraving utilizes a fixed tip (similar to a drill tip) to incise or cut grooves into the surface of the glass. Designs can be quite complex depending on the engraving tip used. Nowadays this is an automated process with machines able to control the tip.


Benefits of engraving:

  • Engraving is permanent and will never wash, chip or wear off.
  • Automated process greatly reduces hand labor required.
  • Ideal for plastic and polycarbonate drinkware.


Limitations of engraving:

  • Color is not an option with engraving. Engraved designs will appear as frosted white on clear and colored glass.
  • “Banding” in designs is common, where the grooves cut by the engraving tip are visible.
  • Complexity of engraved design is limited by the size of the engraving tip.


Laser etch

Glass Decorating Methods Comparison: Laser Etching

With laser etching, a laser is used to permanently mark the glass. The laser fractures the glass at a microscopic level, thereby vaporizing it. This technique does not involve the use of abrasive material, tool bits or inks. Rather, the laser acts similarly to a pencil in that the laser beam traces preprogrammed designs. At National Etching, we use a laser for non-glassware applications such as woodceramic, and metal.



Benefits of laser etching:

  • Lasering is permanent and will never wash, chip or wear off.
  • Automated process greatly reduces hand labor required.
  • Designs can be quite detailed.


Limitations of laser etching:

  • Color is not an option with lasering. Lasered designs will appear as frosted white on clear and colored glass.
  • Lasered glass has an uneven look.
  • Lasered polycarbonate drinkware turns yellow at cut marks as the chemical composition is altered by the heat.



Glass Decorating Methods Comparison: Printing

Printing designs on glassware is a popular option for large production runs with color or at a lower cost. Designs are laid on screens then ink is pushed through the permeable screen and onto the glass surface. Ink is then cured in an UV light tunnel to increase durability. Screen preparation is labor intensive, thus accounting for high setup charges.



Benefits of printing:

  • Color! Full color printing is available as well as Pantone color matching.
  • Lower cost for large production runs.


Limitations of printing:

  • Durability. Despite claims of inks lasting over 500 dishwasher cycles, this is rarely experienced.
  • Minimum order size requirements can be daunting.
  • Screen setup charges can add up, especially with full color designs.

What kinds of products do you sell?[+]

We sell novelty decorated glassware including stemmed and stemless wine glasses, pint glasses, old fashioned whiskey glasses, shot glasses, café bottles, drinking glasses and jars, beer mugs, and ornaments as well as ceramic mugs, stainless steel tumblers, steaming pitchers, and wooden spoons. All these products can be customized with your own artwork, logo, or text.

Can I get these products cheaper somewhere else?[+]

We abrasive etch all of our glassware by hand to achieve a smoother, deeper etch than is possible with laser etching and we etch all of our glassware in the Seattle area, never out of country. Because of all the hand work required to produce a single glass to our high quality standards, our glasses may cost a bit more.

Where do you make your products?[+]

We do all our glass, ceramic, metal, and wood decoration from our warehouse in Issaquah, Washington with a very small team of dedicated and experienced employees. We are proud that all our products are etched or decorated in the USA.

Where can I buy your products?[+]

Currently, our products are available online only. Our inclusive catalog is here on the nationaletching.com website and many of our products are sold on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Walmart ecommerce sites. To show our commitment to quality, National Etching includes a manufacturer’s warranty that covers any defects on our products. This warranty is non-transferrable and only valid to the original buyer for purchases made directly from National Etching on any ecommerce platform.

Do you sell wholesale? [+]

We do. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer volume discounts? [+]

We do. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have gifts for coaches or sports teams? [+]

If you have a child in sports, no matter what age and whatever the sport, you’ve chipped in for the end of the season gifts for the coaches and kids. There comes a point though, when you say, “Do we really need yet another trophy?” How about a unique way to remember the season? For coaches, we’ve had clients request our 25 ounce sport beer mug and have the team name along with all the player’s names and numbers etched all over the mug. For school sports auctions we’ve provided etched team logo pint glasses and even etched Riedel wine glasses with specific team names and logos. We’ve even personalized some of our sport logo glasses by etching both sides of the glass–one side with the team logos and the other side with a player’s name and number. It’s totally up to you, but we can help if you’re looking for a unique idea that’s . . . USEFUL! With an etched team logo glass, the coach or player can use it every day, bringing back the unique memories of the season. If the team doesn’t have a specific logo, we can help with that too. We’ll work with you to design something eye-catching and unique. We’re now offering stainless and black tumblers in 10oz, 20oz, and 30oz sizes. These tumblers make great coach gifts.

Do you have products for school auctions and fundraising? [+]

Most all our products can be used for school auctions and fundraising. In fact, we’ve created My Art Treasures for a great selection of popular products. Visit our fundraising gallery to see examples of our most recent and popular work. Contact us for special fundraising pricing. You can also read about our fundraising product process here in the February 2018 issue of Awards and Engraving.

How do I return a product? [+]

Contact us via email or phone (800.932.9273) with any issues within 14 days of delivery. Ship items back within 30 days of delivery.

Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.

Because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, we can’t accept returns for:

  • Custom or personalized orders
  • Items on sale

Is my information safe on your site? [+]

Your shipping and billing addresses and contact information are used only for the following:

  • To communicate with you about your order
  • To fulfill your order
  • For legal reasons (like paying taxes)

National Etching keeps your payment information secure.

Do you offer gift wrapping? [+]

Yes, we do, for a small fee. You’ll find the option to add gift wrapping on each product page for each of your items.

How long will it take to get my order? [+]

Orders shipped from our shop usually go out USPS Priority so customers generally receive their order within 5 days. A safe bet would be to assume 5-7 days (we can’t control any of the shipping services). Orders shipping to Canada can take 10-14 days.