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Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher with graduated interior markings (12oz)

Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher with graduated interior markings (12oz)

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For anyone aspiring to be a chef or barista, a milk frother pitcher is likely at the top of your list. Unlike bowls, which can be prone to splatters and are difficult to pour out of, pitchers offer maximum containment for any stray milk droplets that may fly up as you froth it for your cappuccino, latte, or other coffee drink. Additionally the slight spout present in most pitchers allows you to maintain greater control as you pour, so you won’t need to worry as much about potential spills. With these pitchers by National Etching, you can easily froth and pour all the milk you need for your favorite coffee drinks, or even just for a simple milk steamer.

This pitcher has a series of clear graduated measurement lines that are etched into the sides for precise and easy measurement in one ounce increments. This accuracy allows you to easily minimize milk waste. Because the lines are etched as opposed to printed, they are much easier to clean and care for since they won’t wear off. When you are finished using the pitcher, simply wash it out as you would a glass, either in a sink of water or with a sprayer rinser to ensure that you’ve removed all traces of milk. These pitchers also are equipped with sturdy handles for precise control when pouring frothed milk. The design of this pitcher is sleek and elegant, with a classy stainless steel finish for maximum cleanliness and durability. These pitchers also make great gifts for anyone of a culinary mindset and will outlast the years. These pitchers are designed and etched in the United States to ensure top quality and timely shipping.




  • INTERNAL ETCHING MARKINGS: This coffee creamer pitcher has etched measurement lines, making it easier to clean and care for than other pitchers. Simply wash the pitcher out like you would a glass and you’re all set. This pitcher is not electric, so it can also be used for other cooking purposes if necessary. Great alternative to single coffee creamer cups.


  • SMALL SPOUT: This stainless steel pitcher by National Etching has a small spout built directly into the pitcher for precision pouring. When you’re making an espresso drink, a cappuccino, or a plain milk steamer, you will love using this pitcher to ensure that pouring or frothing for your favorite coffee drinks is quick and easy and takes the guesswork out of your favorite coffee drinks.


  • FOR HOME OR PROFESSIONAL USE: This pitcher has a sleek, stainless steel finish. It is a perfect complement to your own personal cooking tools and also works well for commercial use. With its 12 oz. capacity, you can easily use it with your milk frother to make a delicious latte or other coffee and espresso drinks without the mess or cleaning hassle that other coffee machines can create.


  • METAL MILK PITCHER MARKED IN THE USA: These pitchers are accurately marked in the USA with an assurance of top quality. This pitcher has a sturdy handle to give you better control as you pour milk or coffee out of it into the cups of your choice to bring the classic taste of the café into your own home. Unlike a copper pitcher that can tarnish, this pitcher is made of durable stainless steel. Height is 3 3/4 inches.


  • GREAT GIFT FOR ANY ASPIRING CHEF: These pitchers make great gifts for any aspiring chef to add to their arsenal of kitchen accessories. With the convenient combination of the etched measurement water lines, sturdy handles, and large fill capacity, this pitcher brings together versatile function and style into one. Great addition to your tea and coffee bar!


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4 reviews for Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher with graduated interior markings (12oz)

  1. EN

    Excellent quality, great customer service. Shipped so quickly and arrived immediately!

  2. David K

    top quality . looks really nice . pours great

  3. Eric J

    Very nice quality.

  4. Susie B

    Great product, prompt shipping

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