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Dumpster Fire 2020 Ornament

Dumpster Fire 2020 Ornament


2020 has been a dumpster fire and here’s the ornament to prove it! Sure to be the perfect keepsake of this unforgettable year. The two-sided design is permanently printed on heavy-duty acrylic and measures just over 3 inches. Ornament includes a ribbon loop for hanging. Each ornament is packed in a heat-sealed plastic bag for protection during transit.


  • Unique design. Can’t tell you how many fires we had to light in dumpsters to get the perfect photo.
  • Two-sided printing. Both sides of this classy ornament are visually interesting. One with the awesome photo, the other with terms to describe the year. Mom insisted all terms be G rated.
  • Hang it on anything with the fancy ribbon! Looks particularly fetching dangling from the vat of hand sanitizer.
  • Packed in a heat-sealed bag so no scratches will mar the surface during transit. 
  • Made in the USA by sullen teens who have been forced to work in the family business.
  • Heavy enough to chuck at your uncle, yet light enough to avoid serious injury. We think. Don’t try that at home.


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