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Nisse on customer-supplied glassybaby

Nisse on customer-supplied glassybaby


An original design by Jacob Hagen.

“The Nisse (tomte, tomtenisse, or tonttu depending on the country in Scandinavia) is a mythical creature of Scandinavian folklore and is representative of a “dear little relative” and symbolizes protection. They are generally described as being short, having a long white beard, and wearing a conical or knit cap in red or some other bright color. They often have an appearance somewhat similar to that of a garden gnome. The Nisse will deliver gifts at the door, in accordance with the modern-day tradition of the visiting Santa Claus, enters homes to hand out presents. It is customary to leave behind a bowl of porridge with butter for the tomte/nisse, in gratitude for the services rendered.”


  • No proof is sent for Nisse. Please refer to listing images.
  • Design is centered on colored area unless otherwise specified.
  • Design is etched on side opposite of the triskelion logo unless otherwise specified.
  • Design is deep etched using abrasive (never laser etched!) for a high-end finish.
  • Turnaround time is within 5 business days of receipt of glassybaby.


Shipping to National Etching:

Please address the package as follows. You will receive email confirmation when we receive your glassybaby:

National Etching
1105 12th Ave NW, Suite A4
Issaquah WA 98027

Drop off:

Please deliver your glassybaby to our location during normal business hours.


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