1st Legal Shot glass

21st Birthday Shot Glass, Personalized Heavy-Duty Glass, Memorable Keepsake Gift

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Say hello to our hand-etched, heavy-duty shot glass, the perfect 21st
birthday gift from moms, dads, friends or coworkers! This unique,
American-made shot glass is designed with the original "1st Legal
Shot" graphic and year, creating a keepsake of that
significant birthday. Ideal for anyone turning 21 and looking for a
fun yet sophisticated way to ring in their big day!

• Heavy-duty shot glass built to commemorate the unforgettable 21st birthday.
• Clear glass design with no additional colors or patterns for a chic,
classic look.
• Holds your favorite 2 ounces of drink for the much-anticipated "1st
Legal Shot".
• It's dishwasher safe! Enjoy the celebration and then simply toss it
in with your dishes for hassle-free cleaning.

A 21st birthday is an iconic milestone, and what better way to mark
this special occasion than with our unique, etched shot glass? Gift it
to your loved ones who are stepping into adulthood with a dash of fun
and class. This shot glass goes the extra mile, with its quirky "Card
Me" bonus sticker for the birthday person to wear on their special
day. So why wait? Cement the big '21' in a stylish and unforgettable
way. This gift is not just an object, but a treasured reminder of a
milestone that only happens once. A toast to life, legality, and
unforgettable memories!